Friday, November 28, 2008

... and it was good.

So, Thanksgiving actually ended up being a pretty wonderful day. Thanks to some pretty special people. I spent the morning cuddling and just being with the new boy, while we're still trying to figure out where we stand, which made me smile A LOT. And then I had family dinner and fun at the Breindel residence.

He and I played Rock Band at his place on Wednesday night, haha. It was pretty ridiculous. He decided he wanted to impress me and be this super amazing macho guy and play guitar and sing at the same time... lol, that didn't go quite so well. Not to mention, he had a few beers in him, haha. However, when he switched the playing the drums, I was suitably impressed and rewarded him for his efforts with a kiss or two ;) Haha. Then h
e talked me into playing guitar and he played drums or sang for a few songs. It was a lot of fun, regardless of how much I probably sucked at it. I just really enjoy spending time with him and I always leave with a huge smile on my face. I just wish I knew if it was going to turn into anything serious or if this is just a fun fling... *Sigh* enough about that. haha

I don't think I really have anything worthwhile to talk about. I just want to ramble about random nothingness. It's going to start getting very busy with the holiday season, not just for me with OG nonsense, but the boy's business is going to be crazy, so I don't know how much time I'll get to spend with him between now and Christmas. sad. Ah well, I work a lot because I'm good at it and enjoy it, and so does he. Such is life.

I know it's probably lame and I should not admit it, but I love Disney Channel movies. I'm just a big kid, and I don't really want to apologize for it. It makes me me and I'm pretty great. Ok... l'm done for now, it's really just goin to go downhill from here.


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