Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let Me Feel, I don't care if I breakdown

Its October again
Leaves are fallin' down
One more year's come and gone
And nothing's changed at all
Wasn't I supposed to be someone
Who can face the things that I've been running from...

Let me feel, I don't care if I breakdown
Let me fall, even if I hit the ground
And if I...
Cry a little
Die a little
At least I know I lived, just a little...

I've become much too good
At being invincible
I'm an expert at play it safe,
and keep it cool
But I swear this isn't who I'm meant to be...

casse pas man coeur


jb said...

Really nice peace of writing. Life has a strange way of sorting itself out you will see.

Take Care

Nivedita said...

I love the way you say that its "only" life. Thats what I convince myself when I repeatedly take it into my hands and keep on breaking it :)
If you still havent taken the shape you want to it does'nt matter 'coz you're still you.

Sneha said...

Wow I loved this post. Its funny since I keep screwing stuff up and 'play it safe' is something I've been wishing to do all my life. But yeah, breakdowns are when you feel the most alive, when you can actually hear every bit of your body crying out =D
Fantastic writing really. And I loved your blog id

saveyoursoul said...