Friday, November 21, 2008

Hometown Tag

The following is a little TAG that allows your Bloggy neighbors to get to know a little information about the town or city you live in. State the name and then Post 10 facts or observations about the town you call home. Then tag 4 people.

Well... a couple things - I was tagged by And We'll All Float On (and I love her, so read her stuff if you want to be inspired). Next, I don't know where to pick as a "hometown", I moved a lot and there is really no place that I would call my hometown. So, instead, I'm going to choose a few places and just give a couple facts on each. And finally, I'm not tagging anyone to go next, haha. Sorry ;)

Marietta, GA - Suburb of Atlanta

(The Big Chicken head - famous around the area)

1. My best friend lives here (technically she's in Kennesaw, but let's be real, its all the same). And the time that we spent living together was some of the hardest, most rewarding growing experiences in my life.

2. You get all the perks of living in a city, without the headache of the craziness. Everything you could want for entertainment and living and everything is in the area, and should you get an urge to go in the city, its only 20 minutes away with that crazy traffic. I visit as often as I can, and I want to move back someday.

Franklinville, NY - Suburb of nothingville, haha - think Southern Tier NY, south of Buffalo, near t
he Pennsylvania border

(My dad, with his bike, in front of my parents place in Franklinville - from last summer, he took a cross country bike ride with his brother)

3. I moved here in High School for my senior year. There is one streetlight that just blinks red and yellow from 10 pm - 6 am ish.

4. There are two schools for the area, the K-6 and 7-12... and they are literally right across the street from each other.

5. When I want to think and relax and figure out my life, there is nothing that I enjoy better than walking around town at 2 am and swinging behind the Elementary school. I've even driven out there at midnight one night to just get some peace of mind (I live an hour + away now).

6. There are 6 churches in this tiny town - The Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and the Christian and Missionary Alliance (Which is my dad's church).

Cresson, PA - just north of Altoona, if you know where that is, if not - a few hours south of Pittsburgh
(Cresson, like many towns in Pennsylvania, grew as a railroad town.)

7. This tiny town on top of a mountain is where I really started to come into myself. It's the kind of town where you feel like you can walk around at anytime of night and be safe.

Everyone knows everyone's business, but they keep their mouths shut about what they know. Shocker, eh.

West Seneca, NY - South Buffalo area, my current residence

(It's a cute little town near Lake Erie)

9. Everyone seems to know each other even with new people constantly moving in. However, you don't realize everyone knows each other until you go out of the area and hear about all your neighbors from everyone else.

10. You have to drive to get anywhere, because its New York and the weather is tempermental. You can walk or bike or rollerblade if you wish, but theres a great chance that you'll come home wet and cold or a mess.

the end. I love having lived in different places, but as you may have noticed, everywhere seems to be about the same. I was hardpressed to come up with different things to say about each place. Sure, each town has its own unique dynamics, but when you look at the bigger picture - really its all the same, and people are all the same. Have a wonderful evening! And should any of you wish to do this for your hometown, leave me a comment and let me know, so I can read about it.

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