Thursday, January 15, 2009

senseless ranting for my benefit alone

how dare you call me after days of nothing and tell me "we can still be friends, we can still talk to each other".

Excuse me... you told me you wanted everything with me, you told me that nothing else mattered and we would be fine, and then you knowingly cut me where it would hurt the deepest. I respected your wishes, and I ceased communication, because it hurt too much. And now you tell me you want to be friends?! excuse my language, but fuck you. I'm a really great friend most of the time, and I like having friends. But I do NOT want to be your friend. I don't want you calling me. I don't want your emails and texts. I don't want to even think about you. I took responsibility for my part in the disintegration of our relationship. I am well aware that I helped mess things up, but I admitted to it, and I apologized for it and made an attempt to fix it! You, on the other hand, told me that "I brought this all on myself" and that you were in no part at fault. You know what, it takes two to make a relationship a success OR a failure. So keep your bullshit to yourself, I'm not interested.

Go for it, think you can walk all over me and then expect me to come back begging for you. Its never going to happen. You can throw me in the dirt a million times over and I will continue to get back up and fight. I'm walking away from the things that hurt me and you have no power over me and my emotions from this point on.

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jb said...

Yes...Yes...Yes....Amen to this. Your are abosultly bang on right about all this. Stick to your guns and don't be friends or you'll end up like me a prisoner in the bullshit of the denial game.

The back and fouth crap. I love this post. I think,I will do an open letter to my Ex, something along these lines.

Thank-you, you made my night. You also took the words I have been wanting to yell in her f**king face for the last few months.

Thanks Your Awsome